Connecting to Your Spirit Self and Spirit Energies Around You

How Can My Spirit Experience Help You?


As people open to a more enlightened state, more and more are being connected to the Spirit realm whether they choose so or not. Spirit energy is everywhere and while some people want to connect, others don't want to have anything to do with it. For those who are willingly open to the energy, there is a growing need to understand and tap into a higher level of awareness, connect with their higher self, or seek guidance from a spiritual source. For others, this has stirred up quite a dilemma because the spirit world is not something they wish to take part in now or ever, yet they find themselves dealing with unwanted intuition or spiritual energies and need help with these situations.

At My Spirit Experience, the goal is for each client to have their own unique experience or helpful resolution in their interactions with spirit and the Universal energies around us. There are many resources available here to help you on your journey. If you are in need of Reiki energy work, here you will find a trusted and long practicing Reiki Practitioner. If you are interested in diving deep into a connection with Spirit you will find a certified Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner to hold space for you on that journey. Many avenues of Spirit are addressed here at My Spirit Experience.


There are also classes on connecting with Spirit, individual intuitive or Shamanic healing session, no matter the path... the journey will be personal and tailored to you. Create your experience today.


Picture of an angel taken by Heidi after a conversation with an angel on  June 29, 2013 (enlargement)

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My Spirit Experience offers spiritual services to aid you in your own self-healing. 

Services and classes are not intended to prevent, diagnose, cure, or treat any disease.

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