My Spirit Experience is a spiritual center owned and operated by Heidi Steffens, an active member of the spiritual and paranormal community for many years. This is a place where community comes together to connect with like-minded souls, take part in educational classes, or individually dive into their own souls healing journey through one-on-one personalized sessions. 

You will also find:

  • A Shamanic and personalized approach to healing

  • A safe look into the paranormal, balancing the spiritual and scientific approaches

  • A healthy way to expand your spiritual growth and understanding of your path in this lifetime

  • A community of curious souls wanting to develop their journey with other like-minded people

  • Decades of experience in many realms of Spirit. See more about Heidi's background and training here


Picture of an angel taken by Heidi after a conversation with an angel on  June 29, 2013 (enlargement)