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Clearings for home, business, and personal energies


Unwelcome Spirits or Other Entities


Home clearings are beneficial and sometimes necessary for clearing out unwanted or unwelcome energy or entities in one's home, place of business, or even out of their own personal energy. There are two main kinds of energies that would prompt the need for a clearing, either interactive and/or stagnant energies (see more information on the next page about these types of energies). Interactive energies can be positive and negative, and of course during a home clearing we are only focused on clearing the negative energies out of the space. Positive energies are beneficial for our guidance and protection and true positive entities are only focused on our highest good. They would not bring harm or fear to their interactions.


Some people find it hard to contact someone for a home clearing, especially when the activity is negative or harmful. Please do not let this deter you from at least starting a conversation with a professional you trust. If you do not know someone that does this kind of work, contact a professional and at least start the conversation and explain your circumstances. Do your best to trust your intuition on who you choose to work with in finding a solution that is right for you.


For all clearings, communication with the client is key to find out the reason for the clearing, what is going on, and if it is even necessary. Through an initial consultation and conversations with the client and a remote readings of the situation, a course of action can be determined for the actual clearing process. This work is done in a team effort of Heidi Steffens and Tim Donahue. They have been working with multiple teams in the paranormal community for many years and between their unique skill sets can identify the source of activity and work with the client to find a permanent solution.

Important to Know!

If a negative energy, spirit, or hostile presence has taken hold in a place, item, or person, more extensive work may be required. This work is handled on a case by case basis and if it is a personal attachment, the work may be better handled at the studio if possible.


Clearings are not always completed in a one-time session, and the attachment may be necessary to remove over a length of time. In the case of personal attachments or oppressing entities, it may not be possible or "allowed" for a practitioner to remove or detach a negative being at all. The work might only be a personal healing journey that must be done by the individual and it is recommended the work be done under the guidance of a trusted and experienced spiritual practitioner and even therapist or councilor.

Doing Your Own Home Clearing

If you are just looking at freshening up the energy of your home, or have only light paranormal activity (doors closing, footsteps, images out of the corner of your eye), you may want to try doing your own home clearing first before calling in professionals. Here is an easy to follow video created by Heidi that will give you the information you need to do your own home clearing!

Click Here for My Home Clearing Video on YouTube


What to Expect for a Clearing


After the initial consultation, we (Heidi and Tim) will do any pre-work necessary to prepare for the home clearing. This helps us have a full understanding of what we are dealing with before we arrive in the home. We work with our Spirit guides and do remote viewings to help us gain access to information on any spirits, entities, or energies and what is going on in the home.


Next there is the actual clearing, which is the cleansing of the home or business and cleansing of any clients if necessary. In most cases we ask that the majority of the people living in the home are not there for the clearing, with only one or two people available during the clearing. This is also determined on a case by case basis and can be altered depending on the situation and who is affected by the activity. We also work with tools specially created for the client and their unique situation, anything necessary for follow up we leave with the client with simple-use instructions.


We also educate the home/business owner on what needs to be done (or not done) going forward to help keep harmony and clear energy in the space long term. These methods must be followed in order to help keep the home balanced. Old lifestyle patterns, attracting behaviors, communicating with spirits, and people with spiritual sensitivities will attract spirit energies ongoing and multiple clearings will not be the answer.


Please note: Any follow up visits within a month regarding the same clearing would also be included, but are not usually needed. Future clearings further than a month out would be charged as a new clearing unless determined otherwise.


Experienced team


Heidi and Tim will work with each case confidentially and with the specific needs of each client for every case. No two cases are ever the same, and some cases may require more than one visit. They may be required to seek the assistance of other trained professionals depending on the activity. They have safely and effectively worked on hundreds of cases and removed many types of negative, malevolent, and even demonic entities over the years. The safety and peace of mind for the home owner (family, business owner, etc.) is always the ultimate goal and they will make sure the situation is handled properly and in a timely manner.


Personal on-going healing


Negative spiritual interactions, oppression, or possession can be overwhelming and extremely traumatizing. Reiki, counseling, and/or other healing therapies may be recommended as a follow-up to the initial work that was performed. Think of it as rehabilitation after a knee injury, it is like spiritual rehabilitation. This will help the client with a deeper cleansing process and help keep the client protected and continue healing from the traumatic event. If self care or lifestyle changes are not done going forward from the clearing, it may be an open door for activity to return or other health and wellness concerns to be present.


Clip from a clearing featured on an International TV Show:


Heidi Steffens and Tim Donahue have been investigating and clearing paranormally active locations since 2008. They have successfully worked on hundreds of cases and in severe occurrences have performed necessary extractions of extreme negative entities.

Clearing Pricing


These prices include an initial consultation in person or on the phone, the home clearing which includes a brief consultation prior to the actual clearing, and any follow up in the home that may be recommended within a month or reasonable amount of time.


If a home investigation is requested by the client or necessary prior to the clearing, there is no charge for the clearing.


Up to 1400 sq. ft. of space .......... $175.00*

1500 - 2900 sq. ft. of space ......... $250.00*

3000 + sq. ft. of space ....... request quote*


*Any follow up visits regarding the same clearing within a month would also be included but are rarely needed. Personal healing may also be recommended as it is possible a person's energy may be an attracting factor. Future clearings would be charged as a new clearing. Separate trip charge will be added to distances over 20 miles.

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