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Client Testimonials
Peggy - Intuitive Reading and Shamanic Reiki

"Gift. Light. You are a gift. You rekindled the light within me when I left your space. An enormous thank you for helping me through an engaging, enlightening, and awakening experience.  Good things are coming my way. While I know some decisions may be difficult, I am now able to make these with a stronger, intelligent, calmer heart and soul."

Linda - Shamanic Reiki

"Last May, I was given the gift of a Reiki session for my birthday. I knew that Reiki helped with stress and relaxation, and because my life had been full of stress due to several circumstances, I was looking forward to it. During the session, I was very relaxed and almost felt like I was floating at times, and when session was over, I felt amazing. I have found my stress level greatly reduced since the session and over the course of time, I realized a totally unexpected result. I had been plagued with migraines (I had been getting 3 to 4 a month) for many years, and had been taking prescription medication to combat them. However, since my Reiki session, my migraines have disappeared. I haven’t had any – not one – since my session in May!"

Jen - Shamanic Reiki

"I started seeing Heidi for Reiki sessions after not feeling well for a while. At the end of our sessions, she said we had been mainly focused on a block in the throat Chakra, that area needed most of the attention. I realized, yes, my throat Chakra always felt blocked. After more sessions and conversations, Heidi urged me to seek a specialized medical opinion, sensing something more was at play. Agreeing and taking her advice, I did this and discovered I had a medical issue in my throat area, which needed surgery to correct. This was the same general location as the consistently blocked throat Chakra. "


"After surgery, when I now do Reiki the throat Chakra no longer appears consistently blocked. I believe Reiki not only aided in identifying a larger medical problem, but also gave me short-term relief after treatment. On top of everything, it is extremely relaxing. I highly recommend Reiki and Heidi for any spiritual, energetic or paranormal experience work you may have." 

John - Shamanic Reiki

"Holy sh#% Heidi, what you told me at the conclusion of our last session... I've been doing it. It's working 100%. What I've been struggling with for a year, you helped clear it up in 60 minutes. Of course I have to do the work, but your direction was a direct hit."

Michelle - Shamanic Reiki

"I've experienced Reiki with Heidi on my own and it's always an eye opening, and ultimately wonderful experience. I also find that bringing a friend for a tandem session brings not only healing but also joy. It's fun to learn about the connections we have. What a fun gift and a great thing to do with those you feel connected to!"

Dan - Tandem Shamanic Reiki

"A friend invited to my first ever Reiki experience at My Spirit Experience. Heidi explained how the tandem sessions work and I was at ease instantly. Having a session with a friend brings up interesting connections and healing! It was AMAZING and I'll definitely be back for more!"

Darcie - Shamanic Reiki

"Heidi is a very gifted and humble soul, and her amazing healing is guided by the Divine. She has helped me when other healers and therapists could not, and I have some very serious trauma and negative spiritual stuff going on. Her studio feels comfortable and I look forward to it every week!"

Reiki Class Review

"Heidi is a delight. She has a gift for taking a complex and abstract concept, and explaining it in an easy-to-grasp way. The Reiki class was ahhhh-mazing. I highly recommend Heidi as an instructor."

Jason - Shamanic Reiki

"This was my first Reiki experience, and, it was amazing! She's a very talented, knowledgeable practitioner, and, a great person as well! I will definitely back!"

Sharon - Consultation

"Heidi has been working to fit my days off into her work schedule. She's been communicative and incredibly prompt in our correspondence. I'm glad you referred me to her!"

Stephan - Shamanic Reiki

'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.'    "That's how I would sum up my sessions with Heidi. I came to the first session an angry man - angry at myself, angry at the world, and not good for my beloved wife. I've struggled with clinical depression for forty years and it had worn me down. My life felt 'heavy.'"


"A friend suggested I visit Heidi, whom I had met in another capacity. I didn't have any idea what might happen, but after only one session I felt fundamentally different. I felt "lighter." And this is quite significant because I came in as an atheist - the ultimate skeptic. I thought the concept of a universal life force or guiding spirits was nonsense; there was nothing beyond the physical universe that we can see and measure. Although I don't have a clue what it is, I now firmly believe there is something. And when she describes what she sees after each session she is just so spot on for me. What she says always touches something very personal in me."


"I cannot recommend Heidi strongly enough to anyone who is seeking a deeper sense of peace in their life or is looking for a new way to deal with internal struggles. Heidi always says that she doesn't do anything, she is only a channel for her spirit guides. I can't tell her she is wrong, but I can say that she is a gentle, caring, loving, healing human being who has a gift that has helped many, including this ultimate skeptic."



Lorrie - Shamanic Reiki

"Reiki was suggested to me by a friend who said I must meet Heidi. Having had Lyme's disease for many years and then recently diagnosed with lung cancer, my first experience coincidentally has resulted in an improved CT scan, although I know better - it was Heidi who is a talented and gifted healer. The experience with Reiki is something that I suggest that everyone should do. The experience leaves you feeling peaceful and full of love."



Jennifer - Home Clearing

"At first I was highly skeptical of the services Heidi offers, but after noticing a difference in the levels of tension and stress we were experiencing in our new home I decided to give it a try and had Heidi smudge our home. Afterward, not only did the energy in our home feel lighter and calmer, but I also experienced something I haven’t had since I was 10 years old – a night’s sleep without nightmares! It’s been months and I haven’t had a nightmare yet! I couldn’t thank Heidi more!!!"



Chris - Shamanic Reiki

"When I met Heidi, I came to her with an equal measure of skepticism and desperation.  I had spent my entire adult life suffering, fighting an unknown, faceless force."


"At 20 years old I stopped sleeping and started experiencing extreme emotional disturbances.  Now at 32, I've spent the last 12 years in a never ending maze of pain, depression, physical turmoil that had no end in sight.  All my relationships: personal, professional, romantic, and familial would become strained.  People either couldn't understand why I couldn't just 'get over it', or my lack of energy would make the relationship implode."


"Every prescription drug, doctor visit, chiropractor, alternative treatment under the sun had failed me.  Conservatively, I've spent $52,000 out of pocket over the past 12 years attempting to treat something medical science couldn't even rationally explain."


"Finally tired of attempting physical processes, I was recommended to Heidi.  My first visit seeing her [for Shamanic Reiki], she told me I was carrying large scale spiritual baggage, on scale she had never seen before.  Though it still didn't make sense to me, that night I SLEPT.  I felt an immediate calm in a way I never had before."


"As of the writing of this letter, I am at the end of this arduous journey.  My energy is through the roof, I am happy for the first time in over a decade, my life and business are on a level I have never achieved before."


"I cannot always explain for logically justify the things Heidi says and does, but her results are unparalleled.  My only regret in all of this was not finding her sooner!"


Megan - Shamanic Reiki

"This was my first experience with Reiki so I wasn't sure what to expect. Heidi was kind, professional, and reassuring. She explained what was going to happen and what she was going to be doing. She made me feel comfortable and at ease and made the entire process enjoyable. What a unique and positive life affirming experience! Heidi was able to connect and speak to things that were so accurate and meaningful to me. The session really helped me make a large dent in my healing process."



Eric - Shamanic Reiki

"There are a few people involved within the Reiki healing discipline that I truly respect. Heidi Steffens is one of the healers that has helped me greatly. I wasn't so sure that there was anything to Reiki as I believed it was simply a money making venture for some. Heidi truly has talent and is gifted. She is the real deal. People seek her out which tells me that she truly is gifted. I received validation from [another healer] as well. She and Heidi, without knowing each other, both Reiki masters, gave me identical information regarding my life. I don't understand Reiki, but I do know in the caring hands of a true Reiki master, ones life can be improved greatly.
Thank you Heidi."


Casey - Shamanic Reiki

"I went in to see Heidi for a consultation and an intro Reiki session. My idea is/was to use this medium as a form of therapy to figure a number of life issues out. This session provided me with the comfort of knowing that Heidi possesses many talents that can contribute to helping me begin to heal, figure out my life path, conquer some demons and feel safe and relaxed when I leave.


Her office is comfy and has good vibes. She's very intuitive and helpful. Her no-touch Reiki works! I personally, felt awesome and rid of all the bad juju when I left her office. Can't wait to go back again and really start working on some target problems. I highly recommend her services and she offers good prices on hourly sessions. Regardless, it's totally worth it if you are committed to finding peace of mind, health, and your true path. :)"


David – Shamanic Reiki

"Heidi is truly wonderful! Thank you for seeing me... for giving. My Reiki Session was amazing. I had Reiki before but never with Heidi. I had scheduled a Reiki session but due to a personal problem needed to reschedule.  I rescheduled, but in between she performed Reiki, sending me energy to help with my issues.  I remember sitting in my office working, when I felt this warm glow within, feeling more open, more vibrant within; I knew I was receiving energy. She had started Reiki even before I had seen her!


Later when I saw her it [the energy] just continued. She performed Reiki Energy Work and Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy. It was so very amazing. I left feeling refreshed, renewed, and full of energy. I still feel it within. She also shared her experiences of what she learned/felt as she did the energy work, how the spirits helped her. I left with a wonderful feeling, but also with an insight into the spirit guides that are helping me


Her office is easy to find, comfortable… a place filled with a wondrous energy. I would high recommend her to anyone. I will be seeing her again."






Terri - Develop Your Intuition Classes

"Heidi uses her gifts and talents to guide attendees as they explore what is possible in developing their intuition. She teaches what has worked for her and shares specific techniques for grounding, protection and working with the energy field. This series of classes builds a solid foundation of understanding and gives a road map toward spirit communication.
Highly recommended!"


Regina - Home Clearing

"A month ago, I started waking up with unexplained scratches on my hands, feet, and arms...always in a set of three, like claw marks. At first I dismissed them thinking I must be doing it to myself, but then my roommate also started getting the same scratches. One day while I was awake I felt something start to burn on my hand, as I looked down I saw the same claw marks appearing. At this point I couldn't deny something scary was going on.

I was referred to Heidi and she was able to "tune" into the situation and tell me there was a negative energy in my home that was attached to the land. She came out to smudge my house and clear it. Upon her arrival, as she interviewed us to gain knowledge of the situation, we all heard the energy "yell" at us. It was a very frightening experience and totally surreal.

We left while she worked, and was able to clear the townhouse and completely rid us of the negative energy that was present. The caring demeanor and professionalism was impressive. Afterwards, she continued to follow up with us and made sure everything remained well at the house.

The guidance and service was stellar. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is experiencing a situation they need help with. It was a horrifying experience, and without Heidi I don't think I could have remained in the townhouse. I am still to this day so impressed."

Kevin - Shamanic Reiki

For my first experience with this style of healing, Heidi could not have done better to open my mind and heal my broken windows. I left feeling more myself then ever before. She provided information from my higher self that affirms the struggles i have had in this lifetime. Thank you so much for helping my find my path again, i am i am sure i will see her again along the way!

Lisa - Tarot Reading

"Heidi has given me the insight and guidance that I have needed to make positive changes in my life, and her advice has never steered me wrong. She knew things about me that you would not have known from seeing me. She is one of the best I have seen! I've had my Tarot cards read before by someone else and it was so funny because what this other reader told me was so ridiculous! I also hosted a Tarot party for my friends. Everyone was amazed by Heidi's ability and insight about them. They couldn't wait to see her again. I highly recommend her!"

Tabitha - Home Clearing

​"Heidi, I wanted to give you an update on our house situation and thank you for all you did. Since you were out to our house it has been very quiet. No lights turning off and on, no doors shutting by themselves, and I am happy to report our daughter is back sleeping in her room and happy to be there. She goes in to her room every night at 8:00 without a problem...she even loves being in there now! She has also not mentioned 'Bobby' since you were here. Thank you so much, we really appreciate it."

Shannon - Shamanic Reiki

​"This was my first Reiki session so I didn't know what to expect, right away Heidi took a professional yet comfortable approach and made me feel at ease by what would happen from start to finish. During the session I felt relaxed and connected mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After the session she explained what she picked up in my aura and how her Guides focused on addressing it. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. I appreciate that throughout the session, Heidi was attuned to my needs and input. I look forward to my next session!"



Meg - Shamanic Reiki

"I went to Heidi after my midwife had suggested Reiki for two issues I was having during my pregnancy... my unborn baby was breech (just weeks before my due date), and I had developed a hernia that was being affected by the position and pressure of the growing baby. The first session I had was amazing. Heidi was so good at making me feel comfortable and within minutes of starting, my body was relaxed and totally focused on healthy healing energy all around me. I could feel my baby responding to the different techniques Heidi was using, moving to the sounds and floating freely as I envisioned the baby turning. I felt totally rejuvenated and revived in a way I didn't think possible at nearly 9 months pregnant!"

"After a second Reiki session my baby had begun to turn and I was completely focused and relaxed going into labor. Just one week after giving birth I also no longer had signs of the hernia, which meant I didn't need the planned surgery. I am completely convinced the energy therapy Heidi was able to administer through her knowledge and expertise helped me to heal. I would recommend Heidi to anyone who is looking to channel their own positive energy into healing power. Thank you!"



Shirley - Shamanic Reiki

"I had never had a Reiki session before, and I was so impressed with Heidi's work! I have bad knees, especially the right one, and I also have a hiatal hernia. I did not tell Heidi of any of these problems ahead of time. When she finished with my session, she told me she picked up on problems with my knees, especially the right one, and also with the upper part of my abdomen on the right side. Because of what she felt in my aura, she said she really focused on those areas. After the session, I felt so relaxed and my knees even felt better! It was a wonderful experience and so very relaxing. I highly recommend Heidi's work and look forward to my next session!"



Leicha - Shamanic Reiki

You're truly transforming our worlds and opening doors for every one of us. We are all so excited to learn more from you and work with you! We can't thank you enough!"



Rae - Shamanic Reiki

"I decided it was time to quit hating myself and get rid of the negative/ abusive energy I have been carrying since my childhood. I met Heidi at a tarot reading and enjoyed the experience so much I took a chance and asked her if she knew some way to rid myself of this energy. We scheduled my first Reiki healing [at my home] that night. I enjoyed preparing myself for the experience with a relaxing lavender-scented bath, fresh flowers, and clearing my living room of clutter.


During our first session, I entered a different place - aware, yet totally relaxed. I fully accepted the source of my trauma, forgave it, and let it go, feeling much lighter the next morning. After my second experience, I slept through the entire night, the first time in 10 years. I feel more expansive and open to the world - like an empty bowl, ready to be filled with whatever the Universe presents, both helpful and non-helpful. I look forward to my future work with Heidi – a Tarot reading on my 60th birthday!"



Elizabeth - Classes

"The Group Meditation Sessions and the Intuition classes are life-changing! Making a conscious decision, everyday, to "BE IN light" - makes a HUGE difference. It doesn't mean that negative things, situations, or people will go away, it's simply CHOOSING another approach in dealing with them! Thank you!"

Merry - Home Clearing

"Hank (the dog) was on patrol 24/7 with the extra [dark] energy in our home. Hank was asleep on the couch immediately after Heidi's home smudge. Finally relaxed... Thanks Heidi!"

Craig - Group Meditation

"The group meditation was a great experience. Heidi gave guidance on breathing, posture, use of stones, and answered any questions the group had. During the group meditation you could really feel the energy in the room and after left feeling great for the rest of the day and really even in to the weekend. I’m definite going to continue attending! Thank you Heidi!"



Tim - Shamanic Reiki

"Thank you for seeing me last night, whatever you did helped. I feel so much less anxiety. You helped me feel a sense of self confidence. What people think of me is less important. I do not sense any competition from others. I thank you much, I want to learn more, it is like what you did helped me learn more about myself. You so much are a teacher. I look forward to learning more from you."


Alisa - Tarot and Shamanic Reiki

"Heidi has performed a number of different services for me over the past 6 years including Tarot readings, a home smudging, and most recently Reiki treatments. I can tell you that after each session, whether it be Tarot or Reiki I am more and more amazed at her talent. After a Tarot reading, I see the different aspects we discussed come to life. While at times it still shocks me, it has proven to be a great comfort to know that during some rough patches...everything was going to turn out okay. The same is true after a Reiki treatment. Often times I can feel the negative energy leaving my body and I come away relaxed and refreshed."

"I would recommend Heidi to anyone interested in taking advantage of any service she provides."

2010 - present

2010 - present

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