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Types of Readings - Scroll down for all options
Intuitive Reading

In an intuitive Spirit Guide reading, I am connecting with my Spirit Guides to answer questions you have about any area of your life. I am able to translate my Guides communication to your questions which will help give you direction, validation, clarity, guidance, or insight into current or upcoming situations. Tarot cards may or may not be worked with during the session, each session will lead its own course. I will also mention that I am quite grounded and frank with the information I translate from Spirit and have found it less helpful to soften up or dance around information that is not always easy to hear. You will get the information expressed from Spirit in a "cut to the chase" style that my clients have appreciated over the years.

A reminder to those seeking an intuitive reading - The reading is providing information on the most likely outcome at that time if you continue on your current path. The beautiful part of life is that your path can change at any moment based on your decisions and the decisions of others around you. Nothing on your path is set in stone! Most often if we are looking for situations to change, Spirit will give us guidance in how to do so. In a reading, helpful information is usually given in a way that you can take small steps to change your course to move in (or continue to move in) a positive direction. Please do not come only expecting information you "like" or "want" to hear. Spirit will always give you guidance for your highest good. What you want to hear and what you need to hear are not always the same thing.


The Year Ahead Reading

This is a spread of many cards! This layout is 61 different cards from two different divination decks. The two decks represent inner and outer work. The inner circle are the energies you are working on throughout the year in your own life. This is the cycle of inner work and healing that others may not see. The outer circle is the external influences in your year month to month... people, energies and events over the next twelve month cycle. You'll receive insight into when it's time to focus your energies or take a break, and even see if you need to watch out for unexpected speed bumps that could take you off track. This layout is not suitable for a half hour session.

Monthly Mystic

Sign up for three tarot readings emailed to you once a month for three months. The reading will include the image of the tarot cards that showed up for you along with the guidance and intuitive information from Spirit around the cards. Three packages to choose from, two of the three come with questions you can ask which can be related to the reading or independent of it. More information here.

Email Your Questions

If you just have a few questions, email your question(s) in the contact form. I will answer the questions based on information received from my Spirit Guides. A quick and easy way to get guidance on your journey!


An example of the Year Ahead card layout

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