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Shamanic Reiki

What is Shamanic Reiki? How is this different than other energy work?  My Shamanic Reiki sessions are different in the fact that I work directly with my Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and the client's Spirit Guides throughout each session. I integrate core Shamanism elements into the sessions as needed. Some of these elements may involve dimensional journeying, soul retrieval, animal retrieval, past life healing and "psychic" surgery. My Guides help me gain information as to what is going on energetically and they work with your Spirit Guides to direct the healing energy where it is needed. As we peel back energetic layers we can address what needs healing or what is causing blockages that prevent healing, and remove those blockages when possible.


Your guides may also pass messages through me for you. They can even communicate with you directly in session. During the session, I use a no-touch Shamanic Reiki technique. This means I work completely in your energy body - or aura - for the entire session. This is an incredibly powerful and effective technique and creates a comfortable option for everyone, including people who are not comfortable with touch therapies. My Shamanic Reiki sessions are also unique as they incorporate a variety of techniques not limited to traditional Reiki. Some of the techniques used are Karuna Reiki, Pranic Healing, Aromatherapy, Healing Stones and Crystals, Shamanic drumming, sound healing, deep energy cleansing, and Intuitive readings. Comfortable clothing is recommended for the session.

For a first Reiki session with me, I do require a half hour consultation along with the session. This gives us time to energetically connect, talk about goals, and what to expect during the session.


How often should one receive Reiki? For each person it is different. One session may be sufficient for the healing needed, and multiple sessions over time may be ideal for deep healing work. In most cases it is up to the individual to trust what they are feeling after a session. It is often quite clear to a client if another session is needed and when.

This treatment is not intended to replace traditional medical (Western) treatments. The effects from a Reiki treatment may last hours, days, weeks and even longer. Each client will have their own unique experience from one another, and even from one session to the next.


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