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We have had a séance in the studio multiple years now and the activity is amazing. We have had loved ones come through with messages, items moved, people touched and more wonderful activity.


For the séance, we invite you to dress up! Think "séance style" clothing, Maybe a fancy dress or suit, a retro outfit, a fun hat or cape, extra jewelry, or whatever speaks to you. For the fall séance, we will hold it in the midst of the haunted and spooky items from the Halloween Open House to see who might want to join us for a little conversation. 

The Séance will start with us calling on those who wish to communicate with us, whether they are connected to the living who are present or called in for some other reason. We will communicate and record the events for later review as well. 

After we safely close the Séance, appetizers and refreshments will be served and we will be able to talk about any experiences we had during the event, and you can also get up-close and personal with the spooky items on display.

Only 12 seats available, in person only. Must be at least 21 years old.

October Séance

Friday, October 25th, 2024

At My Spirit Experience

St Louis Park, MN



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