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Shamanic Women's Circle

A course by women, for women, helping women heal themselves, the Earth, and the collective.

Next Circle Informational Session

Sunday, Feb 12, 2023 


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Align with your own personal power and spiritual authority as you awaken and embody the divine feminine within. We are in a time of needing deep connection with our own inner feminine and for women to come together in support of each other and the healing we so deeply need. This process helps women break old directives and systems that are set up to keep us separated. To keep women separated diminishes their ability to collectively heal each other, the community, and the planet.

This is a process strictly for women and the intention is to encourage community among women and support for each other on a conscious journey of transformation and change. We will connect with each other during seven weekends through honest communication, teaching around a topic each weekend, music, movement, creative art  projects, food, ceremonies, and personal healing journeys. We are uncovering our true divine selves throughout this journey which allows each one of us to embody our own journey and work we do in the world.


Through the lineage of Nicole Christine, author of Temple of the Living Earth and Under Her Wings, we will explore these questions and more…

  • Am I willing to commit to being a part of a loving, conscious circle of women to support who I truly am?

  • How do I deeply connect with the divine feminine and tap into my own inner gifts?

  • What are my soul’s specific qualities, gifts, intentions, and purposes at this time?

  • Am I ready to look at the pieces of me that are ready to break away, allowing a clearer version of myself to emerge?

This is a closed circle which helps create a safe container for women to commit to doing their inner work with a group of like-minded souls. throughout a nine month process.  The weekends run from 10am-5pm each day for seven full weekends.

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Women's Circle Schedule for 2023

Introductory Weekend - The Triple Goddess within and looking at your maiden journey.  March 25/26, 2023

Initiation (Last weekend to join): Committing to the other women and yourself to complete this inner healing journey. April 15/16, 2023

Enlightening the Shadow Between Women: Uncover the layers of shadow that hide your true selves. May 20/21, 2023

Telling Our Stories: Sharing your story with each other. June 24/25, 2023

Star Astrology and Inner Union: Looking at the star map and how that has shaped what you came here to do. August 5/6, 2023

Death and Rebirth: Letting go of the pieces no longer needed and opening to your new self. Sept 9/10, 2023

Embodiment of Your New Self: Stepping out into the world as a new version of yourself. November 4/5, 2023

Each weekend is $275.00 and can be paid per weekend by cash, check, credit/debit card, Venmo, or PayPal. Space is limited.

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Optional Second Year

There is a second, optional year in this journey. This year is where we look at the challenges we face as women, and how to regain our power as we bring our work out into the world in a more visible way. It is a one day class and the first year women's circle is a requirement. Each day runs from 10am-5pm.

Second Year Schedule for 2023
(Year 1 Prerequisite)

Class 1 - Activating the Archetypes and Initiation April 8, 2023

Class 2 - Discussing Personal Power May 6, 2023

Class 3 - Looking at Sexuality June 10, 2023

Class 4 - How We View Prosperity August 19, 2023

Class 5 - Death and Rebirth September 17, 2023

Class 6 - Emergence November 18, 2023

Each class is $150.00 and can be paid per class by cash, check, credit/debit card, Venmo, or PayPal.

Continuing Circle - Women's Unity

This is a continuation of classes and events for those who want to keep the flow going! It is also an opportunity to meet other women who have gone through this journey and are with us in the community. There will be specific classes each year and opportunities to do volunteer work as this highlights our commitment to bring our work into the world. Priestess Unity is open to anyone currently in or having completed the Priestess journey.

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