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Types of Activity Requiring Clearing:


Negative or Malevolent Interactive Entities


These entities can be present for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they are connected to the history on the land which we do not always understand or realize when we move into a home or business. Sometimes these entities are connected to the history of a specific home, and other times connected to a person living there. Activity can become more frequent over time when it is left "ignored" or not dealt with in a early stage. Entity attacks or attachments can also occur when people interact unprotected with the spirit realm. (Unfortunately, because of the many TV shows highlighting paranormal interaction, it is more and more common for people to try and interact with the spirit world with no thought to real consequences.) Interacting with entities should not be performed on any basis in your own home. It is not uncommon for entities to give false information and a sense of security to gain a foothold in the home or business. If you do not want entity interactions and you have attempted or engaged in communications, stop communicating with them immediately. Some negative entities gain access through other avenues such as portals or dimensional rifts. These can most often be closed or sealed by a professional.


The longer some entities are in an establishment, it is possible for these entities to gain strength which allows them to have stronger interactions. This can be an ongoing cycle where the level of activity increases and becomes more dangerous. No matter what the level of negative interaction, it is necessary to take action immediately and clear the space or person of that entity.


Special Note: Some of the entities I have encountered have been quite strong, diabolical, malevolent, and even demonic. These cases require extra care in handling the situation with the goal at all times being the safety and peace for the homeowner/family, business owner, etc. All home clearings are confidentially handled on a case by case basis and are performed with the utmost discretion.


Stagnant energy


These energies come mainly from the people in the space such as emotions, stress, illness and other contributors can cause the space we live/work in to be uncomfortable and heavy. It does not necessarily interact with us, but we feel its presence just the same and a home clearing can help in this situation as well.

Energies can also be left over from previous home or business owners or from activity that was present in a location from a previous time or era. For instance a flower shop opens in a building that has been used as a bar in the past. The flower shop may experience the sense of sadness or despair if the energy of former patrons is still there. Not an ideal energy for any business. Another example is a family feels heaviness in a room which they then choose not to use and it sits empty or as a catchall junk room for years. The family is not aware that this was the home office of a former owner who was brooding and miserable and his gloomy feel is still clinging to the energy of the space.



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