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Crystal Ball Journey

Heidi Steffens June 20, 2015


I have a crystal ball. It's not something I really planned on acquiring but here she is in my life anyway. I have told this story many times to clients and friends. They all seem to find it entertaining so I thought I'll share it for others to read as well.


Back in 2011 I was traveling out of state with my boyfriend and his family. Towards the beginning of our vacation, we were walking down a lovely street of unique shops in southern California and my attention was caught by a lavish estate store across the street. A feeling started tugging at me from inside the store so I pointed out the store and asked everyone if it was ok to go inside and everyone agreed.


I explained as we were headed across the street to the store that something was in there calling my name and maybe they could all help me find it. They thought it sounded like a fun adventure and we entered the store with a divide and conquer approach. Everyone was excited to help me on my mission.


"I'll let you know when I find it!" they each said.


This meant they would start to holler when they found the weirdest thing in the store. The store was filled with over-sized everything. We were hunting around items that people with a ton of money buy when they have a ton of money. We searched around twelve foot tall marble pillars, ceiling tall golden Fu Dogs, and enormous and richly decorated china cabinets filled with dinnerware, vases, and bowls.


"Heidi! I found it!" I heard from the middle of the store.


I followed the voice and it was as if I stepped into a brilliant vibrating energy when I saw it... a crystal ball.  She was perched on top of a rich brown pedestal table with a healthy amount of walking room around her, which was unusual for this overly packed store. It was as if the owner of the store knew she needed the space. She was the most beautiful crystal ball I could have ever imagined. The size of a bowling ball and just as heavy. She was amazing and I knew she was mine. This is what was calling to me, but how was I going to get this home on a plane? She was really expensive too. Nothing about this piece at the time seemed like she was meant to come home with me.


I spoke to the man who worked there, I did a lousy job haggling the price, and finally I left without her. It was my second day in town which meant I had five more days to think about this amazing beauty who had called to me from across the street. Let me also explain... why do I call her a she? Because I can feel her speaking to me in a female voice and I could hear her calling to me from afar all week. Come back...come back... This crystal ball has a beautiful, feminine, goddess-type energy. Absolutely lovely and at that time, still surrounded by giant golden Fu Dogs in an overwhelming estate store.


The vacation week was passing and I could not stop thinking about this amazing and wondrous creation. Still calling out to me to bring her home. All. Week. Long.

Fast forward to the last day of the trip, literally on our way to the airport, we take a hard and fast detour and I find myself once again standing outside the estate shop. We have no time for this last minute stop but no one was letting me out of the state without this beautiful piece. We all knew this connection was meant to be. I march into the store with absolute determination and walked up to the same man I spoke to earlier in the week.


"I am flying home right now and if you want to unload that crystal ball today for a good price I'll take it off your hands." I stated.


He paused for what felt like hours and suddenly agreed, giving me a crazy low price including premium packaging and shipping. I was stunned. How on earth did that just happen? Help from the Universe perhaps? Soon I was on my way home and within a week the crystal ball would meet me there.


Once she arrived from her journey I realized I don't actually have a place in my home for a crystal ball. I doubt many people do. Bring a crystal ball into your home sometime and see what I mean. It's a ridiculous task. She ended up in the living room and I called her a "sculpture" to have it make sense to people that thought it was odd. Most people who came to my house were fascinated. I just thought she was perfect.


So here I am with my crystal ball and no idea exactly what I will actually do with her. It didn't really matter anyway because she was FANTASTIC and I just adored her. When I moved into the studio in 2013 I planned on taking her with me, but soon I realized her energy was too big for the small space. She wasn't going to fit. She needed room.


She continued to stay at home as a “sculpture” until 2015 when I moved my studio into a larger space. The whole time I was planning the bigger move she started communicating with me in a way she hadn’t before. I could hear say "Time to move me! Time to move!" Her energy was shifting. I had to agree that yes, it was definitely time to get her involved.


The big day came and I lugged her into the new studio. She was just as excited as I was to finally come to her proper place. As I carried her into my main space to meet with clients she exclaimed "Oh you got me a pedestal!"


"A what? This is a dining table that I use for readings. No, it isn't your pedestal." I stated.


"Yes it's my pedestal. You can put me right in the middle."


"No that is not where you are going, and anyway putting a crystal ball in the middle of a table is very cliché." I informed her.

"Yes, put me in the middle..."


"No..." I sighed.


This discussion went back and forth longer than I care to admit, and one day I caved. I set her in the middle of my table feeling like a silly cliché. She was so happy, sitting right there in the middle of everything. She sat there for at least a good month too.


Here's the issue. Even though I could see over her when working with clients, I couldn't see around her energy. She was so distracting I couldn't get anything done because she was right smack in the center of everything. Plus, everyone wanted to touch her.


"Can I see what she feels like?" "Can I pick her up?" clients would ask.


"What??? Oh my goodness, please don't touch her." I would answer in a panic.


People want to touch her when she is that close, they can't help it. I can't risk her getting damaged which meant I couldn't have her in the middle of the table anymore. Instead, I created a pretty little space just for her. She is happy with her new pedestal and still a show stopper when clients come in to the studio. She's like a little celebrity... people come in and want to meet the crystal ball they read about in the story!


As of now, she isn't activated yet which means we don't work together when I do my work. It hasn't felt like the right time but she and my guides will let me know when that changes.


In the fall of 2016 she showed me an image of her surrounded by some of my crystal and stone skulls. I set them up around her so that's the latest development. I have a feeling when we do start working together I'll need to buckle up and get ready for a very interesting journey.


Crystal ball

First day home in 2011

Her own little table

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