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Develop Your Intuition

Have you ever wanted to develop your natural intuition? Who are your Spirit Guides and how do you communicate with them? Maybe you are an empath and take on everyone's emotions, or you are already connected to Spirit and wondering how to make sense of all of it.


My Spirit Experience offers a series of Intuitive Development classes to help you develop or work with the gifts we all have at some level. You may not think you have any, or what you do have is more of a curse than a gift. The information in these classes has been put together over years of personal self-work and from working with clients and helping manage their sensitivities or psychic abilities. There are four classes (details below) that have been put together in a natural series of development from grounding and protection to creating your safe space at home for communication. Classes do not need to be taken in order, but it is recommended.


4 class series - Video Links from recorded classes will be emailed to you


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Class 1 - Grounding and Protection: I believe this is the most important step in working with intuition and sensitivities. We work on understanding your energies, the energies around you...and how to ground and protect yourself. If you think you know what you are doing when it comes to protecting yourself - Think Again.


Class 2 - Interpreting Messages from Spirit: How exactly does Spirit communicate with us? What are the different forms of communication? We will talk about the messages that are sometimes quite hidden, and the answers right in front of you.

Class 3 - Spirit Guides: Who exactly are we communicating with in the Universe? What are Spirit Guides? We look at a variety of beings and and what their role is in working with us. We'll also do a guided meditation in class to meet one of your guides. Keep an open may be surprised by who shows up with a message for you.

Class 4 - Divination Tools: Learn how you can you create a safe space in your home for communication with your Guides. What about stones or crystals? What is their purpose and do they help? What are other tools that are helpful in Spirit communication?


Terri - "Heidi uses her gifts and talents to guide attendees as they explore what is possible in developing their intuition. She teaches what has worked for her and shares specific techniques for grounding, protection and working with the energy field. This series of classes builds a solid foundation of understanding and gives a road map toward spirit communication. Highly recommended!"


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