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Ouija Boards

Ouija boards seem to be stashed away in half the closets across America. What I have found is a good number of them are left alone because the owner doesn't know what to do with it. They don't use it anymore, it was handed down, they may have had a negative experience or they just have heard stories about what can happen if you don't dispose of them properly. Some people have even tried to get rid of or destroy the board and it somehow ends up back in their home. So now what?

Any kind of divination work should be done only with precautionary protections in place and ideally with proper spiritual training but unfortunately the Ouija board is sold in toy stores across the country and marketed as a game. This is very dangerous because most people think it IS a game until they have a negative experience and now they are stuck with the board and don't know what to do.


A negative experience usually means someone or something starts communicating through the board and won't stop just because people are done "playing the game". The spirit or entity may even claim the board as its own personal doorway to this dimension. This is what is called possession or ownership of the item. This item has actually become a doorway that the entity or spirit can use to get through to our realm. When an item is possessed, it is unlikely anything else will be allowed to come through that doorway ever again. It is best to close (and then sometimes destroy) that doorway to prevent any further negative experiences or damage to places or people connected to that doorway.

I have closed many Ouija boards and other possessed items. I also collect haunted or possessed item, which I find can be fascinating tools for teaching people about the dangers of reckless or careless divination. I have many items that have been sent to me over the years, some I keep in a safe place and some I put out to show (contained) once a year with the story that goes with the piece. I feel these can be very educational tools. Vintage and antique divination tools are also an interesting part of our spiritual history.


If you have a Ouija board (or any other haunted item) you can send it to My Spirit Experience for free closing. Boards will not be returned. If you have any questions about this service, please contact Heidi through the Contact Form on this site.

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