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Group Meditation with Reiki and Sound Healing

In person only


If you have never done a group meditation, the energy created in a group is very powerful and I personally have always loved attending them... they help get me back to center for my own individual meditation practice.


How is this meditation different?

The group sits in chairs, in a circle, facing outward. The room is fairly dark and there is light meditation music. We begin as I call in our guides and protectors and everyone begins relaxing and/or meditating. Throughout the session, I stay in the middle of the circle and move from person to person doing first a cleansing on each person, and then I go around a second time and channel Reiki healing into each person (hands-on unless you prefer not), and the third time around the circle I use a sound healing instrument such as a singing bowl, gong, drum, or other healing instrument with each persons energy. At the end of the meditation I close the meditation and bring everyone back to the present. At the end we take a few minutes as a group to share our personal experiences or ask questions about what was experienced in the group during the meditation. There are some amazing experience that have come out of these meditation sessions!


Please check Registration calendar for upcoming dates and times

$25.00 per person and each session will last about an hour and a half.


We will do a brief  "How To" 5 minutes prior to the start time if you have not done a group meditation before. Please reserve your spot through the online registration, space is limited and fills quickly!

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