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Intuitive Business Coaching

If you own a business and are looking for direction, a great place to start is by connecting to your guides for direction, help, and ideas. No matter where your business is at in its life-cycle, an intuitive coaching session can help. If you are just getting your idea off the ground or are in need of a refresh, information from your guides can help you get the jump start you need.

Many business owners have found amazing ideas and insights for the direction of their business. What to weed out, save for later, or get done Right Now. Schedule your consultation and see where your business takes you!

*Consultations receive a 20% discount if added to a Business Space Alignment at your location (see below)

Business Space Alignment


Imagine discovering your greatest business partner is already waiting for you in your space. You just have to be introduced.


The idea of working with business owners to help them align and work with the energy of their space came to me through having my own business space. I was surprised at how the energy in my space would shift and call attention to the need for change as it was growing or needed to grow - most often before I knew it! It was so strong it was impossible to ignore the messages from my space. I would follow the guidance of the space and see my business take steps or leaps forward almost immediately. Over the years I have listened to the energy in my space many times and learned how the energy of my space is the best business partner I could have ever hoped for.


What I have learned over the years is how to listen to and feel the energy of my space. I have learned how to let it show me how it can help create the warmest, safest, productive and abundant space for all involved. As the Universal energy shifts, or just the work I am doing with my clients, I listen to what also needs to be done in my space to change and shift with these energies. This helps keep all energies between my clients, my space, and myself in harmony with the direction everyone is headed. This is the same process I bring when working with clients in their spaces as well.


Through the years, I have worked with many business owners in their spaces whether it is at their home office, business office, or retail space. They have all said it is such a change to go from  a space that was disconnected or lacking direction to an energy of cohesiveness and connection between business owner and business space, and even with clients. The positive response and even the immediate reactions they receive from their clients proves this is a benefit that even if it isn't seen by the eyes, it is definitely felt by the heart.


What is included

Your space healing session includes the initial phone consultation to discuss the need for the alignment, the space alignment session at your home office or place of business, an energy clearing (if necessary), and tips to keep the energy flowing.


Up to 1400 sq. ft. of space $150.00

1500 - 2900 sq. ft. of space $225.00

3000 + sq. ft. of space - please request a quote



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