Paranormal Road Trip!

Sunday, May 17th - Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Whispers Estate and
Waverly Hills Sanatorium

We are off on another adventure! 

Join Heidi Steffens and Tim Donahue on a adventure to two paranormally active locations! Tim and Heidi will kick off each night of investigating with a group investigation to invite in and connect with the spirits who are present. 

We start on Sunday night at the Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Indiana. A very active Victorian style home built in 1894. It is said to have quite a bit of audio activity - hence the name. A doctor was said to have practiced out of the home and there are a few reported non-violent deaths on the premises which could be what started the activity. We will have the location from 8pm on Sunday, May 17th until 6am on Monday morning of the 18th. 

In between the two overnight investigations we will be making two stops. The first is at the Frazier Kentucky History Museum where we will learn about the history of bourbon and be able to take a tasting tour of some reserved selections of Kentucky bourbon.

Before it gets too dark, and weather permitting, will be stopping for an hour or so at the Pope Lick Trestle to do a little Cryptid investigating (Goat Man/Pope Lick Monster) weather permitting. 

Our second overnight is at Waverly Hills Sanatorium which is a former tuberculosis facility. In the late 1800's it was originally the site of a small schoolhouse and in the early 1900's a two story building was created to attend to a growing number of TB cases. By the mid 1920's a larger facility was needed due to the massive outbreak and this is the building that is still standing today. Once the building was no longer needed for tuberculosis patients, it was used as a geriatric facility and eventually closed in 1981. There have been many stories about paranormal activity here, most likely due to the tens of thousands of deaths and unimaginable suffering from those who lived out their last days suffering from TB. We will have the location INSIDE from 10pm on Monday the 18th until 6am on Tuesday the 19th. After 6am our group has the opportunity to stay on the premises and move to the the converted Pump House which is located next to the Body Chute. We have that accommodation until 12:00/noon on Tuesday the 19th. It is available for investigating, sleeping, and showers. 

Cost is $475 per person. Spots available will be on a first come/first serve basis and a waiting list will be available when the trip fills. If you are definitely wanting a spot, you need to put minimum payment down to hold your spot ($200 deposit) or pay in full. ($200 of full payment includes deposit). Payments can be made through PayPal or by check. Deposit is non-refundable. Must be paid in full by March 28th. No refunds after April 5th.

Helpful tips

Proper footwear and clothing is recommended. No open toed shoes allowed. It is recommended athletic shoes are worn, no sandals or open toed footwear during investigations. You may bring any of your own equipment but you are responsible for your own set up and take down of anything you bring. 


Snacks and beverages are permitted in both locations and it is recommended you bring them to both locations to keep your energy up while investigating. At each location, you must bring out what you bring in. This includes garbage, equipment, etc.


Please contact Heidi with questions or to reserve your spot. 

Picture of Waverly Hills Sanatorium from my trip there in 2015

Whispers Estate house. The house that "talks"to you.

Pope Lick Trestle where we investigated in 2018 and found some interesting activity. Looking for the entity who lures investigators to the top of the trestle and possibly to their deaths.

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